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As founder, owner, and president of YES Led Lighting, I oversee all business operations and actively lead our efforts in business development, brand evangelization, partnership building, client education, and product development.

All LEDs are not created equally which is why YES LED has spent many years assembling the YES brand of LED lighting. We have committed ourselves and our resources to thoroughly research, develop, and subsequently test every single product that bears the YES LED Brand.

Our rigorous standards ensure that every lamp in every YES lighting category is second to none in quality, performance and consistency.

We offer a wide range of LED Lighting Products that suit every need, including Wall Packs, Wall Washers, Tubes, Bulbs, Flood Lights, Surface Area Lights, Canopies, Downlights, High Bays, Barn Lights, Landscape, Low Bays, and Troffers.

YES LED Lighting Applications include:

✔ Commercial Office
✔ Retail
✔ Industrial
✔ Residential
✔ Hospitality
✔ Healthcare
✔ Parking
✔ Educational Facilities
✔ Landscaping
✔ Warehouses

No matter where you install YES LED lighting, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that come with selecting the highest quality products on the market today.

To learn more about how YES can be the answer to all of your LED Lighting needs or to partner with us in sharing the YES LED brand, please visit us at

Wolf Property Services, Inc.

– Present (12 years)Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area

Wolf Property Services, Inc. specializes in cost reduction and containment. We work with a wide variety of companies to locate areas of savings and refunds relative to communications, waste, freight, sales taxes, and other high-cost line items.

I founded Wolf Property Services to help companies maintain and grow their bottom lines through the careful evaluation of their business costs, operations, and practices. As an accountant who is also a cost reduction and containment specialist, I work directly with business owners and leaders to identify and implement a cost savings program that meets their company’s particular needs and goals.

Wolf’s clients include TIAA-CREF, CBRE, DRA Advisors, SunTrust Bank, and hundreds more.


★ To date, Wolf is responsible for identifying and recovering over $25 million on behalf of its many clients.