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LED Technology Moving Faster than the Speed of Light

About a decade ago, many thought LEDs were “cool” especially those laser pointers. But then people stated realizing the number of uses and the sheer energy-efficiency and benefits of LED lighting, that’s when we saw car LED headlights, LED TVs, LED projectors and a multitude of other uses for this amazing technology. Now other industries are developing new innovations with this tech such as clothing, the beauty market and interior design industry.

LED technology is small, really small compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent technology. LEDs don’t emit heat and use about 90% less energy than traditional lighting. LEDs are also flexible because their plastic design offers a variety of innovative ways to exploit the technology.

Here is some interesting new developments for LED technology:

LED virtual sky panels for offices:
Designed to replace ceiling panels in offices, these LED panels mimic the open sky, which provide employees with the sense that they are in an open wide field or on a mountain cliff overlooking a vast open sky expanse.

Solar Powered car sun-roofs:

These new solar-powered LED car sunroof allow drivers to flip a switch and choose between a normal or clear sunroof or to a solar-powered light that illuminates the interior of the car.

Bionic Contact Lens:

Yes it true, we are moving into the future with bionic contact lens that could enable us to view a virtual and enhanced reality. The contact lens transmits information to a transparent chip which houses a micro-LED allowing the wearer to “see” a computer screen interface – imagine the possibilities with this technology!

LED wallpaper?
Yes an interior designers dream! This technology could make paint or real wall paper go away. Luminous wall panels can now be programmed in incredible combinations of color and patterns.

LED makeup… yes that’s right, starting with eyelashes – this innovation has really caught on. The trend started with micro-led-light lashes that make the eyes appear larger and can be controlled via head movement. The developers are excited about a number of other beauty market applications as well.

You can be assured that the future of LED innovation has only just begun.

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